Friday, April 18, 2008

Am I 7 months already?

So have seriously been neglecting my pregnancy blog. It has been SOOO CRAZY! The house is coming together and even Leonard's room is getting closer to being finished.

We finally got his crib up and his new bedding is in there and it is SOOO CUTE. Im going to post pics of his nursery once its done. I need to get some wall hangings and that sort of thing but the painting is done (except for like w few little spots cuz we ran out of paint) and im just about done getting all that wretched tissue paper off the windows!!! Jeremiah gets the fun task of getting the red paint on the outside off. I cant be hanging from ladders at this point. Next little project is to make some curtains.

I had to do the glucose tolerance screening a couple weeks ago...that was fun. Of course everything came back fine with regard to my blood sugar (no gestational diabetes yay!), but im a little anemic, so yet another pill to add to the pile!

Pregnancy is fun and its really cool at this point because he is moving so much and it is so cool to feel him moving around. Last night he got the hiccups! It was so crazy! Thankfully they went away, otherwise he would have kept me up all nite!

Now for the not so fun parts:

Swollen feet - this started about a week after our move. It is TERRIBLE. No need to fear though, my Dr says its just normal and I dont have other symptoms for pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure is perfect. My feet hurt alot and my chair at work sucks so im really uncomfortable when im at work.

Not sleeping well - J isnt getting a whole lot of sleep since im not getting a lot of sleep. Its hard to get comfortable and I wake up ALOT to pee. I guess I just better get used to it!

Im HUGE! - yea, thats a given...but seriously, I tell people im 7 months and they are like shocked at how big i am. Im like, have you ever seen a woman who is 7 months preggo? My dr said my belly size is I try not to feel like they are just telling me im FAT!

I want to eat ice cream all day - so yea, I was doing so well eating healthy and then all of a sudden its like ICE CREAM ICE CREAM ICE CREAM. I seriously cant get enough.

So THANKFULLY I have a wonderful husband who takes very good care of me and is so understanding of everything I have going on. School will be over in 2 weeks so I can really just focus on the baby coming.

Alexa is really excited about the baby. Every time she comes over she immediately rushes to me to feel the belly and say hi to Leonard. She tried ALL last weekend to feel him move but she hasnt felt it yet. He would start moving right after she would move her hand, so funny!

I dont have any fully clothes preggo pics but these are so fun i had to post them. This was about two weeks ago and the weather was incredible. We had some fun after washing the cars.