Friday, November 30, 2007

Victory over nausea! For now...

Well yesterday was great because I wasn't nauseous at all! Today I feel good too and while im still tired its great to feel good. We and Jeremiah woke up early and took a nice walk yesterday and that was great. I didn't poop out by 10 am like I have been lately and was so full of energy I decided to do Turbo Jam and try my prenatal yoga video. I felt great afterwards but I may have overdone it. I slept like I was in a coma last nite and we weren't able to get up early enough for our walk. But thats ok, its the weekend and we can walk a nice long walk tomorrow. Im even thinking of doing another TJ DVD today to keep the momentum going.

Im definitely losing my waistline. It seems im gaining only in my waist, which is good considering I havent been eating great lately. I could hardly put on this one pair of pants yesterday and it was definitely a mistake even wearing them. But this is what happens in the first trimester (from what ive read) your waistline disappears and starts making room to get big (yay...).

Anyways, for now im just glad to be feeling well enough to start working out on a regular basis.

Till next time...

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Officially Pregnant!

I had my first prental exam and everything looks good so far. Just waiting on lab results and have to go to a separate lab for bloodwork. Had my first sonogram and while the baby looks like a tiny blob right now, you could see the little heart beating a million miles a second it seemed! How amazing, its so much more real since seeing her/him in person! Here is my first sonogram!

From this sonogram they estimate that I am currently 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant. So that gives us a July baby! Next appointment is the beginning of next year and we are looking forward to how much he/she will change in the next month or so :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Day!

Still feeling the nauseua pretty bad, but was determined to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. I am not the type to let a perfectly good meal of carbohydrates go to waste so I chugged ginger ale for most of the day in order to settle my stomach for thanksgiving yumminess...everything was great. It was a small thanksgiving dinner, Grandma is no longer with us and Carmen and Josh are in KC so it was a little strange this year but definitely good.

The nausea is getting better but im still tired. I have quite a few food aversions and nothing looks appetizing. I had some BBQ on Friday and that was great (but they were out of baked beans so i was sad).

Me and Jeremiah have been taking walks when we can so i can get some exercise. We went to the gym Sunday morning and I attempted to do some Pilates ab work. Not such a good idea. I had some stomach pains later...I hear about people who continue their workout regimine when they are pregnant and am wondering what kind of mutants those women are! Im struggling with the lack of energy and nausea and can hardly make the effort to take a 20 minute walk! Im very frustrated right now and am looking forward to when I finally am over the tiredness and nausea.

School seems to be getting crazier as the year winds down. I have a math test on Wednesday over tons of material and a research paper due on Saturday (which i havent even started writing). So this week is study, study, write, write. Im doing my best to stay focused but that is so hard right now.

Wednesday is my first prenatal appointment so lets hope it goes great!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Feeling Icky

So this is me and my hubby's first baby and we are so excited! We found out about 3 weeks ago and after having three weeks of feeling great (if not just incredibly tired) the nausea finally hit. I was hoping to be one of those people who doesnt get nauseous but unfortunately for me, it was not meant to be. Saturday I woke up feeling like CRAP. So here we go for at least the next two months...lets hope.

With my appetite pretty much gone its hard to eat well. Right now all I want is burgers and fries, it actually helps with the queasiness for some reason. Oh, and Odwalla Citrus C-Monster Juice...thats probably a bit healthier than burgers and fries. So im REALLY trying to eat well and trying to at least get out and walk. Me and Jeremiah took our dog Eddie for a walk last nite and that helped too. The weather is so nice right now and the fresh air really helps.

I have my first prenatal appointment next Wednesday so they will take my blood (eek!) and test me for everything under the sun and hopefully we will get a better idea of how far along I am.

Im not showing yet but here is an idea of what the baby might look like right now. Its more like an alien but starting to look more human everyday! The miracle of life is so amazing!