Monday, June 16, 2008 over it.

So pregnancy has been such a wonderful experience. Aside from swollen feet near the end, ive had such an easy time and feel so blessed to have had an uncomplicated pregnancy. But yea, the novelty has worn off and I am just ready to get Leonard out and get on with it! My stomach feels STRETCHED to capacity and I feel like a blimp!

I took my sister and Alexa to the pool Saturday and I am sure it was very comical watching my get in and out of the pool in my enlarged state. The pool felt so good though and really helped the swelling in my feet. I would love to make that an everyday thing. It was wonderful :)

So im trudging through my last week at work and am SO THANKFUL its my last week. I need a break! Im so exhausted and its difficult getting around here. I just want to be able to nap if I want to!

Im getting so excited to see Leonard and im really hoping he comes while we have Alexa this two weeks bc that would be so much fun :) She just blesses me so much and she picked out the cutest presents for little Leonard. She is at art camp this week with her best bud and I feel really good about that. We had alot of fun last nite making cards by melting crayons on the iron (yes i put foil on it first). She just went nuts with it and was using ribbons, punches and stamps to decorate her cards. So yea im creating another cardmaking/scrapping monster, but anything to indulge her creativity. She got straight A's all year so Jeremiah took her to get a new bike, which is something she has never had at our place. Our neighborhood is perfect for bike riding and she is enjoying having a little freedom and riding to my parent's house and exploring.

So im doing ok even though im REALLY uncomfortable. It will soon be over and i'll have my little baby boy!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Well yesterday at my doctor's appointment he said I have about 1-2 weeks left! I kind of expected that as ive been feeling like things are moving along. So im very thankful that this weekend we pretty much finished all our work on Leonard's room. Just a light sand and a couple coats of polyurethane and its done. But since the floors were pretty much completely done, I went ahead and set up his room because it was a disaster from all the awesome baby shower stuff I got. Thanks to everyone who came to my shower and blessed us so much!

As you can see, we are pretty much ready to go. I picked up some last minute things at Babies R Us yesterday which arent included in the photos. Boring stuff (but essential stuff) like a changing pad, bathtub, changing pad, looks really great in there, all I need to do is make up some curtains. I am leaving work a week earlier than anticipated so I plan to get that done during that week. So everything is really cute and fun, the floors look 100 times better thanks to my dad and Jeremiah's hard work.

In other good news, yesterday I met with a pediatrician and I really liked him so Leonard has a pediatrician! Our Dr. is affiliated with our hospital so he will see him from day 1 and I really like that.

Oh, the pack and play isnt staying in there, its going in our room and has nothing to do with going with the decor. I just thought it was really groovy (thanks to my mommy and daddy for the pack n play, it rocks!)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Check out all those preggos!

Since our camera is AWOL I havent been able to post alot of preggo photos. Here is one taken at Joanne's shower and it really is NOT the best pic of me but oh well. I've been a bit swollen lately so the puffiness is not just me being a fatso...its just me retaining ALOT of water. Dr. says I have a mild case of gestational edema. But im ok and baby is im just puffy.

ANYWAYS, this is all of the preggos that were at Joanne's shower. A couple are just in their first trimester so they arent showing much. Kim (blonde in the yellow) is going to have TWINS! Yay! Babies are so much fun!

Last Day of Lamaze

Yesterday was our last childbirthing/lamaze class. It covered everything that happens AFTER the baby comes out. It was really informative and we even got to play with baby dolls! HAHA! We changed a diaper, discussed cleaning circumcisions and the cord stub and learned how to wrap the baby like a burrito :) Afterwards, we had a great Q & A session with our instructor (who was awesome by the way). I feel like I learned SO MUCH. While childbirthing is still scary, I feel definitely more prepared.

Leonard's room is just about ready. I just have to get some baskets for his clothes to go on his groovy shelf and some last minute things. His totally awesome new stroller is coming tomorrow (that I got a wicked good deal on!). I have another really nice travel system stroller that was given to me by a friend, so I can pass that one on to my mom so she will have her own set when she has Leonard :)

So in spite of everything, things are coming together and we are about as prepared as we can be, although I do forsee alot of frantic trips to the baby store to get more things. We will learn as we go what we REALLY need.

So three weeks and counting...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Showers, Nurseries and More!

So this weekend was my baby shower and it was so much fun! I haven't even had a birthday party in who knows how long so it was overwhelming to be showered with so many wonderful gifts. I got alot of practical and fun things so my list of what I need before he gets here is getting smaller and smaller. I even got almost EVERYTHING that matches his bedding collection so his room is just looking amazing.

Speaking of his room. Jeremiah and my dad worked so hard this weekend to finish the floors in Leonard's room. I think they said just one more sand and a coat of something and it will be done completely. For now his room looks like an explosion. Clothes, baby items and stuff just everywhere. Ive been washing all his new clothes in Dreft so they smell like baby! Its been fun just folding his tiny little outfits and all those socks! He has gotten alot of wonderful blankets, including one from Grandma Cindy that has an embroidered message on it, its beautiful. He of course has an amazing crocheted blanket from Bopchi as well.

I found a stroller I actually like and its on its way in the mail (yay! free shipping!). I just need some last minute necessities, but we are pretty much ready to go! Dr. says that Leonard is head down and in position which is a good thing. The longer he is head down and gravity is doing its thing, the easier things will be.

So Leonard could decide to come any time now and we are just so excited for him to finally be here!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

36 weeks...4 weeks and 2 days to go...

So coming down to the wire here and life seems to collide all at once. It feels like there is so much left to do. We wrap up our birthing class next week and then we are pretty much in countdown mode.

My swelling in my feet had gone down for a week or so, but now its back in force as Leonard is getting bigger and circulation isnt as good. My feet look TERRIBLE. I went shopping in an effort to find some comfy but stylish flats. My feet are just so puffy I can hardly cram them in anything. Im wearing a size 8.5 which doesnt exactly fit lengthwise but widthwise, and even then my pudgy feet poke out everywhere, its just depressing. So I cant wear all the cute strappy sandals that are so in right now. Everything just kinda hurts and im sore and exhausted, not getting much sleep and peeing ALL THE TIME. It gets worse before it gets better....right? HAHA!

My biggest pet peeve is people asking me if im having TWINS! Like complete strangers! What nerve! #1 I know for a fact IM NOT THAT BIG! My doctor says my measurements are totally normal and average, not too big, not too small, just right. #2 Its TOTALLY RUDE to make preggo people (or anyone for that matter) feel any bigger than they already feel, ESPECIALLY is you dont know them! #3 BACK OFF OR YOU WILL END UP WITH A SWOLLEN PREGGO FOOT UP YOUR....

Vent over.

So yea, thats about it for now. Im super excited for Leonard to finally be here!