Monday, June 16, 2008 over it.

So pregnancy has been such a wonderful experience. Aside from swollen feet near the end, ive had such an easy time and feel so blessed to have had an uncomplicated pregnancy. But yea, the novelty has worn off and I am just ready to get Leonard out and get on with it! My stomach feels STRETCHED to capacity and I feel like a blimp!

I took my sister and Alexa to the pool Saturday and I am sure it was very comical watching my get in and out of the pool in my enlarged state. The pool felt so good though and really helped the swelling in my feet. I would love to make that an everyday thing. It was wonderful :)

So im trudging through my last week at work and am SO THANKFUL its my last week. I need a break! Im so exhausted and its difficult getting around here. I just want to be able to nap if I want to!

Im getting so excited to see Leonard and im really hoping he comes while we have Alexa this two weeks bc that would be so much fun :) She just blesses me so much and she picked out the cutest presents for little Leonard. She is at art camp this week with her best bud and I feel really good about that. We had alot of fun last nite making cards by melting crayons on the iron (yes i put foil on it first). She just went nuts with it and was using ribbons, punches and stamps to decorate her cards. So yea im creating another cardmaking/scrapping monster, but anything to indulge her creativity. She got straight A's all year so Jeremiah took her to get a new bike, which is something she has never had at our place. Our neighborhood is perfect for bike riding and she is enjoying having a little freedom and riding to my parent's house and exploring.

So im doing ok even though im REALLY uncomfortable. It will soon be over and i'll have my little baby boy!

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Joanne said...


Yea.. I'm over it too!!!

:) not much longer!