Thursday, May 28, 2009

Worst blogger ever!

Ok, its official, im the worst blogger ever. The pregnancy is going well and my little Leonard man is growing more everyday. He is just he sweetest ever. He is becoming such a little person and its great. He is going to be 1 on June 23 and I cant believe the time has gone so fast!
So current pregnancy stats are very good. At my appointment yesterday the heartbeat was in the 160s and my quad screen came back fine. My due date is now October 3rd. We still dont know the sex and have one more ultrasound left. So its possible this one may be a surprise. Here is me at 21 weeks. Im feeling pretty good aside from being really tired after work, its hard work growing a human being!

And here is my little man, helping mommy clean out the fridge. Is that not the sweetest little face EVER!