Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Cloth Diapering :)

My newest venture lately has been cloth diapering. Its something I tried with Lenny for all of about an HOUR before giving up. I spent a good little chunk on a prefold and cover kit and obviously I should have done more research as thats really not the best way to start out, haha!

Since having Isabela I had been thinking on cloth diapering again and since about 80% of my due date club on the message board I frequent made the switch, I decided to do some more research and found some great resources and even a lady in town who does a cloth diapering class. I now have a small stash started and its been AWESOME not using disposables. Contrary to what you may think, it doesnt stink bad like a pail full of sposies and the washing isnt really that bad even though Im having to do it just about everyday now.

I just finished up a wash so here are some pics of what I got. I have a diaper sprayer (which you attach to your toilet to help spray off poos) and a nice pail liner :) on the way as well as two wool covers (which make excellent nighttime covers as they repel pee very well!).

Fluffy laundry!
All stuffed and ready to go!
My diapers' home for now. Im on the hunt for a new storage option...

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Demolition Weekend

Well sort of. We have bookcases on either side of the living and dining that separate the two rooms. When we bought the house I loved them, but they totally limit how we can arrange the furniture and make our living areas seem really small so we decided to remove them. We did the first one this weekend (I could only get out of the house for a couple hours with the kids). Im really happy with how it turned out and we finally have the TV where we want it. It went pretty easily so doing the other side should be simple enough. The area where the bookcases used to be will be refinished whenever we get around to refinishing this side of the house...haha! So soon we will be repainting those areas and replacing all the trim and baseboards....

Jeremiah did put some crown up in the kitchen. Its just simple 1x3. We saw it done in a friend's house and loved the simplicity of it and it really goes with the craftsman style. I'll post pics of that when we get it painted.

HOPEFULLY we will be re-doing our bathroom in July. It so HAS to happen! Its nice to finally be making some headway on this house...I swear it seems like its taking forever (oh wait...thats because it is!). Here are some pics...

Yay! The couch now covers the ugly fireplace (a project that is sooooo low on the list) You can also see the bookcase that is still there that will be gone in a couple weeks too :)
And this is where the bookcase died...