Thursday, May 28, 2009

Worst blogger ever!

Ok, its official, im the worst blogger ever. The pregnancy is going well and my little Leonard man is growing more everyday. He is just he sweetest ever. He is becoming such a little person and its great. He is going to be 1 on June 23 and I cant believe the time has gone so fast!
So current pregnancy stats are very good. At my appointment yesterday the heartbeat was in the 160s and my quad screen came back fine. My due date is now October 3rd. We still dont know the sex and have one more ultrasound left. So its possible this one may be a surprise. Here is me at 21 weeks. Im feeling pretty good aside from being really tired after work, its hard work growing a human being!

And here is my little man, helping mommy clean out the fridge. Is that not the sweetest little face EVER!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

9 Month Appointment and nearly 17 weeks

Leonard had his 9 month appointment (quite a bit late...) and all went well. Current stats are:

20 lbs 10 oz.
30 inches

Since his weight has tapered off a bit he is only in the 50-75% for weight, but still in the 90% for height. He is a TALL boy! He is getting stronger and more mobile, making it quite easy to keep MY pregnancy weight gain down to a minimum with my running after him all the time.

We have the big ultrasound on April 29th and thats when we will find out the sex of the new baby!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

9 1/2 Months and 15 weeks

Pregnancy is going well. Im finally looking preggo instead of just fat! Haha! I have my next appointment on Monday and then we will schedule the big ultrasound where we find out the sex of the baby. Im really excited and we already have names. We were going to name our first Isabela Dona if it was a girl last time so are going to keep that name and then Gavin Thomas if its a boy. I got to pick the boy name this time and the middle name is after Jeremiah's dad. I think we pick out some really good names!

Last weekend we rearranged all the rooms in the house. Leonard was in the smallest, we were in the room connected to his and Alexa had the big room up front. Now, Alexa is in the small room (which we are building a hallway soon so it isnt connected to the other room. Leonard (and future baby) are in the room we were in and we have the big room now. I have to say, this works so much better! I thought Alexa wouldnt have enough room for her toys but that room has a big walk in closet so now she has more toy storage than ever and its so cute in there. The baby's room is awesome. We have a crib on each wall and it just so cute. And me and Jeremiah are enjoying having more space. I dont know why we didnt do this to begin with but oh well. It looks awesome now.

I do have updated pics of Leonard. He is pulling himself up on everything and into everything! I will post them when I get home tonite :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Tons of teeth

Since December Leonard has had the same two bottom teeth. As we were rapidly approaching 9 months I was starting to worry because he hadnt gotten anymore teeth. Well worry no longer because in less than a week he has cut FOUR teeth (all toppers). He has been doing surprisingly well and has a few grouchy moments but overall he is sleeping at night well and is generally pretty pleasant, which is why we were shocked to see all those teeth in his mouth!

Im still trying to get a teeth picture but no such luck.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Check out the family blog

Jeremiah recently posted some videos and pics from our excursion to the Jacksonville Irish Festival which was ALOT of fun. We went with some friends of our who have little ones and it was such a nice releaxing day listening to the great music and enjoying the weather and food :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not doing so good with blogging...

But hopefully I will be getting better!

We do have good news though! We found out that we are pregnant with #2! Quite a surprise and its going to mean alot of changes but its kinda nice to get all the preggo stuff out of the way at once (this will be our last).

Leonard is really becoming a little boy. It is amazing how much he has grown. He can sit up really well and can get up on all fours like he is going to crawl but he usually ends up doing the army crawl. He is definitely MOBILE! He is pulling himself up in his crib (just to his knees!) and sometimes i think he just might get up and run! He has learned how to reach for mommy or daddy (or grandma or auntie!) and its so cute! This is such a fun age because everything is new everyday.
Leonard did have a slight ear infection in one ear due to a cold, but that is all taken care of and it looks like he wont have the ear infection issues that Jeremiah had which is a relief. He did scare mommy though with a very high fever! He is back to his old self again and doing great. His doctor appointments always go well and he is still in the 95th+ percentile for weight and height. His last stats were
20 lbs, 11 0z.
29.5 inches
I do have some photos of thanks to me though since I broke the cousin took these and they are just adorable. These are from a few weeks ago.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

7 Months

So here is the official "Leonard is 7 Months" post. Leonard has changed sooo much. Some days I look at him and he looks different than when I put him to bed the night before. He has been sitting up on his own and can now feed himself with a bottle. He is having fun playing with toys and since he is so much more interactive it is alot of fun to get on the floor and play with him.

So here are more photos!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Changes in 2009!

We had a great New Year and it's already been a pretty crazy January. I started a new job at a new firm after being laid off from my other job and I really love it. Its a much larger firm and I am learning new things everyday. Im very busy at my new job, so no time to update my blog and stuff. My hours are a little later too so that makes it difficult to get stuff done in the evening, because night time is my Leonard time.

We ended 2008 with Onething. It was a bit challenging going to the conference with a baby, but it was incredible to worship with over 20,000 believers who passionately love Jesus. We had alot of fun in spite of the challenges and it was a great trip.

We came back and it was back to the grind. And then we got the call that Jeremiah's grandfather wasnt doing well. He passed away on January 12 and we flew up that weekend. While it was good to see his family, especially those that havent seen Leonard yet, it definitely would have been nice to go up for happier reasons. We had a great time though and there was LOTS of snow.

So now we are just getting back to normal. Im finally back on track with my Weight Watchers afte gaining two pounds over the thanksgiving/christmas craziness. Not too bad so my loss is currently a little less than 17 lbs. Im almost back into my old jeans! So only 17 more lbs to pre-pregancy weight and then 10 more after that to my goal! It feels great to be getting back to normal!

Leonard is growing and growing. He is now 7 months and at his latest checkup his stats were 20.2 lbs and 29 inches. He is getting SOOO tall. He is sitting up on his own and trying all kinds of new foods. He is also really learning to play with his toys, which is really cute. He also has his two bottom front teeth, they are so adorable! He did so good on his first plane rides. No screaming or freakouts! He really is such a joy and we feel so lucky to have such a good baby.
I dont have many pics on my work computer, but here are a couple.
Leonard and Grandpa Russell (my father in law)

Leonard at Christmas

Random photo. The look on his face is jsut hilarious