Monday, March 30, 2009

Tons of teeth

Since December Leonard has had the same two bottom teeth. As we were rapidly approaching 9 months I was starting to worry because he hadnt gotten anymore teeth. Well worry no longer because in less than a week he has cut FOUR teeth (all toppers). He has been doing surprisingly well and has a few grouchy moments but overall he is sleeping at night well and is generally pretty pleasant, which is why we were shocked to see all those teeth in his mouth!

Im still trying to get a teeth picture but no such luck.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Check out the family blog

Jeremiah recently posted some videos and pics from our excursion to the Jacksonville Irish Festival which was ALOT of fun. We went with some friends of our who have little ones and it was such a nice releaxing day listening to the great music and enjoying the weather and food :)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Not doing so good with blogging...

But hopefully I will be getting better!

We do have good news though! We found out that we are pregnant with #2! Quite a surprise and its going to mean alot of changes but its kinda nice to get all the preggo stuff out of the way at once (this will be our last).

Leonard is really becoming a little boy. It is amazing how much he has grown. He can sit up really well and can get up on all fours like he is going to crawl but he usually ends up doing the army crawl. He is definitely MOBILE! He is pulling himself up in his crib (just to his knees!) and sometimes i think he just might get up and run! He has learned how to reach for mommy or daddy (or grandma or auntie!) and its so cute! This is such a fun age because everything is new everyday.
Leonard did have a slight ear infection in one ear due to a cold, but that is all taken care of and it looks like he wont have the ear infection issues that Jeremiah had which is a relief. He did scare mommy though with a very high fever! He is back to his old self again and doing great. His doctor appointments always go well and he is still in the 95th+ percentile for weight and height. His last stats were
20 lbs, 11 0z.
29.5 inches
I do have some photos of thanks to me though since I broke the cousin took these and they are just adorable. These are from a few weeks ago.