Thursday, January 29, 2009

7 Months

So here is the official "Leonard is 7 Months" post. Leonard has changed sooo much. Some days I look at him and he looks different than when I put him to bed the night before. He has been sitting up on his own and can now feed himself with a bottle. He is having fun playing with toys and since he is so much more interactive it is alot of fun to get on the floor and play with him.

So here are more photos!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Changes in 2009!

We had a great New Year and it's already been a pretty crazy January. I started a new job at a new firm after being laid off from my other job and I really love it. Its a much larger firm and I am learning new things everyday. Im very busy at my new job, so no time to update my blog and stuff. My hours are a little later too so that makes it difficult to get stuff done in the evening, because night time is my Leonard time.

We ended 2008 with Onething. It was a bit challenging going to the conference with a baby, but it was incredible to worship with over 20,000 believers who passionately love Jesus. We had alot of fun in spite of the challenges and it was a great trip.

We came back and it was back to the grind. And then we got the call that Jeremiah's grandfather wasnt doing well. He passed away on January 12 and we flew up that weekend. While it was good to see his family, especially those that havent seen Leonard yet, it definitely would have been nice to go up for happier reasons. We had a great time though and there was LOTS of snow.

So now we are just getting back to normal. Im finally back on track with my Weight Watchers afte gaining two pounds over the thanksgiving/christmas craziness. Not too bad so my loss is currently a little less than 17 lbs. Im almost back into my old jeans! So only 17 more lbs to pre-pregancy weight and then 10 more after that to my goal! It feels great to be getting back to normal!

Leonard is growing and growing. He is now 7 months and at his latest checkup his stats were 20.2 lbs and 29 inches. He is getting SOOO tall. He is sitting up on his own and trying all kinds of new foods. He is also really learning to play with his toys, which is really cute. He also has his two bottom front teeth, they are so adorable! He did so good on his first plane rides. No screaming or freakouts! He really is such a joy and we feel so lucky to have such a good baby.
I dont have many pics on my work computer, but here are a couple.
Leonard and Grandpa Russell (my father in law)

Leonard at Christmas

Random photo. The look on his face is jsut hilarious