Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Its a Jumper!

Yesterday was really exciting. I had a followup appointment with my doctor and she did a quick ultrasound to check on the heartbeat. The baby has grown SO MUCH since we saw her last and she was jumping and wiggling all over the place! We were not able to get an audio of the heartbeat because she was bouncing around everywhere but you could see the heart beating a thousand miles a minute. So everything looks really good so hopefully we have another dancer in there!

I am right at 10 weeks right now, its totally amazing to look up the pictures of babies in the womb on Google. These are so incredible!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hello...my name is Puff-Mommy

So after three weeks of feeling like nauseous crap and not eating all that well, im finally feeling better as week 10 is just around the corner and the first trimester is wrapping up. My determination to eat healthfully during this time went right out the window with my nausea, when only BK double cheeseburgers would settle my tummy (weird i know). So now my waist is pretty well non existent and I can tell i have gained some weight (much to my dismay). Several pairs of pants just wont fit in the waist and I am more aware of my boobs than ever before.

But hope is on the horizon as my food preferences are changing. VEGGIES and tons of VEGGIES!!! My new fave is cherry tomatoes and at about 35 cals a serving...that isnt too bad. I enjoyed munching on a huge bag of carrots and tomatoes during lunch yesterday and want any vegetable so long as it is lightly covered in Zesty Italian dressing. This of course has only been the past two days but im running with it...had a hearty breakfast pita this morning and Salad and Sunchips for lunch. Thus, am feeling alot better about my eating.

In spite of my new surge of healthiness im still feeling pretty puffy and like a rolly polly. I know my waist is supposed to be doing this but I am running out of shirts that camoflage everything and especially out of pants that actually fit. Fortunately, am not gaining in the hips or bum region, everything fits great....until i try to button. I may be only 2 months but maternity pants with stretchy belly pockets sound SUPER right now (as does a large potato sack).

So here's to being puffy...