Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feeling the Strain

I have to say I thank Jesus for hardcore music and the sweet sound system in my minivan because I have had many days where its just what I need to feel ok (that and Misty Edwards). I am probably one of the few minivan moms who rocks it out to hardcore music, but so what. It rox my socks.

Life seems to converge all at once and with the hormonal ups and downs of pregnancy it can seem like a huge mac truck coming right at you to run you over and your soles have just melted to the pavement because a volcano just erupted to your right. AHHH! Thats when im also so thankful for my wonderful hubby and my super family and Jesus because he keeps me sane.

After coming to the realization that I wont be able to work as part time as I had originally hoped, I think im finally at peace because I know that God will make some sort of way, he always does. I may have to return to this job that I seem to be forever doomed to, but it pays well and I wont lose my benefits.

Then comes the realization that this baby is halfway through its incubation period and I have purchased NOTHING useful. The list is long and scary since this is our first one. So we have parred it down to essentials and know that everything will be covered. There is alot going on right now and I guess it would be expected that I would freak, but surprisingly im holding up well.

So my life will continue for now. Work, school, working out, being a wife, being a friend, being a stepmom, attempting to have a life...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Minivan Mom

I think most everyone who knows me is well aquainted with the blue VW Beetle I have driven for the past 4 years. Of course everyone also knows that Beetles are not very kid friendly cars and while most kids love to play punch buggy in the backseat, there isn't alot of room for a growing brood. Just having one right now (who can walk on her own) with that car was quite annoying, let alone trying to lug a 15 lb carrier out of the backseat.

So as of Tuesday, the Beetle is no more. We had an opportunity to buy my uncle's very nice and hardly used minivan, so my hubby decided to post it on Craigslist on Monday morning. Fast forward to later Monday evening and after numerous calls and inquires, we had a buyer. With no picture, my car sold in ONE DAY. Yesterday I happily marched up to the bank and paid off my car. What an AWESOME feeling!

So today I left work early to ensure that I would get a half decent parking spot in the parking garage and to give me plenty of time to creep at 5 mph up to a parking spot. Im enjoying the minivan experience and feeling a little more on top of the world. I can already picture carseats in the back and see toys strewn on the floor.

So anyways, its the end of an era. No more hip-Beetle-driving-cool-chick, I am certified minivan mom and only need a "My child is an Honor Student at ________ Elementary" bumper sticker to make the transformation complete.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Keep on Walkin...

Last week was a good week in preggers-land. I started school, started walking and am starting to have a real, live baby-bum! While this means my clothes REALLY dont enjoying looking pregnant as opposed to looking thick-waisted.

In an effort to try and figure out how I can work full-time, do school part-time and workout, i found a solution...workout during lunch. I get an hour lunch break which gives me plenty of time to take a good 30 minute walk around downtown, over the Main Street bridge and get back in time to eat some lunch. I managed to walk 3 days last week (got the idea on Tuesday) and so this week I plan to walk some more. Im going to add some light strength training this week and plan to do my Yoga on the weekends (the DVD is loooonnngg...). I felt alot better getting moving and now that I have the energy, im doing as much as a I can.

After putting it off for a month, I finally got in to do my bloodwork. They took ALOT of my blood but I was good and didnt pass out.

I had a quickie appointment today. Basically, pee in cup, check blood pressure, listen to heartbeat (which was SO COOL). Next month is the big comprehensive sonogram and we will know whether we have a boy or girl! I will be keeping everyone posted!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nothing fits...

As I get into the second trimester I am noticing my body changing every day. Mostly just getting bigger...thankfully the growth has been limited to the chest and tummy area (can put the "Oversized Load" signs for my backside away for now). Most challenging has been finding clothes to wear to work in the morning. NONE of my pants fit right. I can't exactly go out and buy a whole new wardrobe right now, so no one be alarmed when I show up to work wearing my pajama pants cuz thats all that fits.

So yes, this does mean im showing a bit, but in reality my stomach just looks insanely thick. I promise to post a pic though, cuz I said I would. Pregnancy wait gain is definitely not like gaining weight cuz you decided it would be a good idea to eat cheeseburgers and fries everyday for a month. Your stomach feels different than just "fat" its almost firm feeling (which is kinda cool but its still there). My ab muscle HURT (oh! I still have some of those!). Its interesting that as the stomach expands, the muscles expand too, but I have to say I wasnt anticipating actually FEELING the muscles expand. Its kinda cool though cuz when you start showing it makes it all the more real.

So I have another appointment next monday so hopefully I will have a sonogram pic to post. There will be lots of growth and Im so stoked to see what she looks like this time!

Till next time...

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Trimester....OVER!

Me, Jeremiah and Alexa spent our Christmas holiday in lovely Connecticut and had a great time with his family up there. We spent the day after Christmas in NYC and I held up suprisingly well with all the walking (and I mean ALOT of walking). It was such a memorable experience and im itching to go back and see more.

The first trimester has finally come to an end, im coming up on my 13th week and feeling 100% better. The extreme tiredness has finally subsided and im showing just a little bit (but still not enough to tell with clothes on). I still have to take it easy and listen to my body, I have to take breaks while cleaning house and I still get tired, but nothing like what it used to be. Im looking to use all this energy to juggle work, school, family and staying fit. Walks and yoga are gonna be alot easier since im not completely wiped after work and I wake up feeling refreshed.

My math class starts next Monday but my first paralegal course wont start till february so i will be able to ease back into the school thing. PLUS, no more Saturday classes! I will now get to go to my JASNA meetings again which I am so looking forward to.

#1 Try not to gain more than 40 lbs during this pregnancy
#2 Stick to a workout routine and stay healthy
#4 Overcome stress and anxiety issues

I think I have some pretty reachable goals for the new year. I started out the new year with a clean house, almost all my laundry done and a clean slate.

Happy New Year!