Thursday, January 24, 2008

Minivan Mom

I think most everyone who knows me is well aquainted with the blue VW Beetle I have driven for the past 4 years. Of course everyone also knows that Beetles are not very kid friendly cars and while most kids love to play punch buggy in the backseat, there isn't alot of room for a growing brood. Just having one right now (who can walk on her own) with that car was quite annoying, let alone trying to lug a 15 lb carrier out of the backseat.

So as of Tuesday, the Beetle is no more. We had an opportunity to buy my uncle's very nice and hardly used minivan, so my hubby decided to post it on Craigslist on Monday morning. Fast forward to later Monday evening and after numerous calls and inquires, we had a buyer. With no picture, my car sold in ONE DAY. Yesterday I happily marched up to the bank and paid off my car. What an AWESOME feeling!

So today I left work early to ensure that I would get a half decent parking spot in the parking garage and to give me plenty of time to creep at 5 mph up to a parking spot. Im enjoying the minivan experience and feeling a little more on top of the world. I can already picture carseats in the back and see toys strewn on the floor.

So anyways, its the end of an era. No more hip-Beetle-driving-cool-chick, I am certified minivan mom and only need a "My child is an Honor Student at ________ Elementary" bumper sticker to make the transformation complete.

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Joanne said...

Welcome to the "mini-van" world!!! You will love having more room!

Congrats on selling your car SO fast! Wow!!!

See you soon!