Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First Trimester....OVER!

Me, Jeremiah and Alexa spent our Christmas holiday in lovely Connecticut and had a great time with his family up there. We spent the day after Christmas in NYC and I held up suprisingly well with all the walking (and I mean ALOT of walking). It was such a memorable experience and im itching to go back and see more.

The first trimester has finally come to an end, im coming up on my 13th week and feeling 100% better. The extreme tiredness has finally subsided and im showing just a little bit (but still not enough to tell with clothes on). I still have to take it easy and listen to my body, I have to take breaks while cleaning house and I still get tired, but nothing like what it used to be. Im looking to use all this energy to juggle work, school, family and staying fit. Walks and yoga are gonna be alot easier since im not completely wiped after work and I wake up feeling refreshed.

My math class starts next Monday but my first paralegal course wont start till february so i will be able to ease back into the school thing. PLUS, no more Saturday classes! I will now get to go to my JASNA meetings again which I am so looking forward to.

#1 Try not to gain more than 40 lbs during this pregnancy
#2 Stick to a workout routine and stay healthy
#4 Overcome stress and anxiety issues

I think I have some pretty reachable goals for the new year. I started out the new year with a clean house, almost all my laundry done and a clean slate.

Happy New Year!

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Joanne said...

congrats on having your first trimester over!!! Yeah! Me too.. I am glad.. supposedly there will be more energy now? Sure hope so. Then why do I still feel tired? LOL. See you soon