Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Nothing fits...

As I get into the second trimester I am noticing my body changing every day. Mostly just getting bigger...thankfully the growth has been limited to the chest and tummy area (can put the "Oversized Load" signs for my backside away for now). Most challenging has been finding clothes to wear to work in the morning. NONE of my pants fit right. I can't exactly go out and buy a whole new wardrobe right now, so no one be alarmed when I show up to work wearing my pajama pants cuz thats all that fits.

So yes, this does mean im showing a bit, but in reality my stomach just looks insanely thick. I promise to post a pic though, cuz I said I would. Pregnancy wait gain is definitely not like gaining weight cuz you decided it would be a good idea to eat cheeseburgers and fries everyday for a month. Your stomach feels different than just "fat" its almost firm feeling (which is kinda cool but its still there). My ab muscle HURT (oh! I still have some of those!). Its interesting that as the stomach expands, the muscles expand too, but I have to say I wasnt anticipating actually FEELING the muscles expand. Its kinda cool though cuz when you start showing it makes it all the more real.

So I have another appointment next monday so hopefully I will have a sonogram pic to post. There will be lots of growth and Im so stoked to see what she looks like this time!

Till next time...

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