Monday, May 31, 2010


This Memorial Day weekend was so crazy busy. We did RAM, the pool and the Jazz Festival on Saturday, then Sunday we had church and then me and Jeremiah went to a concert at The Landing and then today we had a small cookout and chilled with the kids. I am so exhausted! AND I don't think I have a single photo from this weekend aside from blurry concert pics :( Hopefully Jeremiah has a few on his Iphone...

We have been continuing with cloth diapering. I got a few Bumgenius diapers in Saturday and I absolutely love them! My stash is so small now that im having to wash everyday just about but it isn't as big a hassle as I thought it would be. With 12 more coming in this week we should be able to go a couple days between washing.

Not a whole lot else to report from the weekend, it was such a blur! Maybe a cute story or two will come to me later :) and maybe some pics to share!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fluff is here!!!!

I had bought a few cloth diapers from a mom on my message board and I couldn't wait to get them on the kids bums! I am still waiting on my large order from Canada (very impatiently) so I can have them in cloth all day but it has been so fun when I can and washing them has been a breeze! And I am happy to say that the Nubunz diaper held up fantastic when Lenny had an upset tummy and did the grossest poopy ever!

Its taking some time to build up a stash but I figure that I am going to save about $12o0 or more in the next year by using cloth. With two kids in diapers, Im guessing it is probably going to be more. And with one size diapers more popular than ever, you dont have to buy a bunch of different sizes! Now its really easy to go crazy and spend tons of money on fluff (there is soooo much cute stuff out there) but I set a budget to stick to.

My fluff wish list :)
Blueberry Coveralls :) They come in super cute prints!
Swaddlebees Organic Fitteds :)
Kissaluvs Wool Cover
Thirsties Duo Covers, SUPER fun prints and really excellent diaper cover.

I have some Haute Pockets which I am really loving right now. So I want some more of those :)

If any of my other momma friends are interested in making the switch, let me know! There is a wonderful lady in town who conducts a free class to get you the 411 on cloth. Its a little extra work but its not bad work (considering the washer does all the work) but it is so worth it for no more 10pm trips to the store for diapers, less trash :), and they are just CUTE!

Lenny rockin a Nubunz!
Bela in a Haute Pocket (ignore the graham cracker crumbs, haha!)

Monday, May 24, 2010

Let's try this again!

Okay I know I am a busy mom, but seriously...I can sit and type some updates on the family at least ONCE a week! So here is what is going on with us.

Leonard will be two in just once month and Isabela is just about 8 months! Time is FLYING by! Isabela has started crawling and now that she is mobile, her and Leonard are a handful! They have so much fun playing together! That is until Leonard gets too excited and knocks her over or throws a toy at her.

We made a big decision recently and decided to make the switch to cloth diapers! My first order is on its way and I cant wait to start. I did TONS of research and am finding this whole cloth thing can be incredibly addictive! I am so excited to be done with sposies, putting two in disposables is expensive AND its ALOT of trash.

Alexa is doing great as well. She will be in middle school next year and I cant believe it! She makes great grades and is a little scared about moving on to middle school but I think it will be a great challenge and experience for her.

I am doing good as well. Currently getting over a cold but keeping up with my commitment to going to the gym to lose the baby flab and it is really starting to pay off. Im really proud of myself. I have been able to go between 4-5 days a week since I started in January.

My garden that I started this spring is definitely flourishing! I have been able to harvest some of my lettuce and green beans and everything else is starting to get little fruit buds! Oh and I have tons of squash! So when it is all grown, please let me know if you like squash!

I am still in school (taking the summer off). I made the President's List in the fall which was super exciting :) My classes have been really interesting and learning so much about child growth and development has really helped me understand my children even more.

Jeremiah is working hard, doing his regular job and teaching Autocad at the community college. He is also playing a big role in our area neighborhood watch, which is really starting to take off.

So I think that is all. Next blog wont be so long! So I am ending with some photos of my little lovies!