Monday, May 31, 2010


This Memorial Day weekend was so crazy busy. We did RAM, the pool and the Jazz Festival on Saturday, then Sunday we had church and then me and Jeremiah went to a concert at The Landing and then today we had a small cookout and chilled with the kids. I am so exhausted! AND I don't think I have a single photo from this weekend aside from blurry concert pics :( Hopefully Jeremiah has a few on his Iphone...

We have been continuing with cloth diapering. I got a few Bumgenius diapers in Saturday and I absolutely love them! My stash is so small now that im having to wash everyday just about but it isn't as big a hassle as I thought it would be. With 12 more coming in this week we should be able to go a couple days between washing.

Not a whole lot else to report from the weekend, it was such a blur! Maybe a cute story or two will come to me later :) and maybe some pics to share!

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