Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fluff is here!!!!

I had bought a few cloth diapers from a mom on my message board and I couldn't wait to get them on the kids bums! I am still waiting on my large order from Canada (very impatiently) so I can have them in cloth all day but it has been so fun when I can and washing them has been a breeze! And I am happy to say that the Nubunz diaper held up fantastic when Lenny had an upset tummy and did the grossest poopy ever!

Its taking some time to build up a stash but I figure that I am going to save about $12o0 or more in the next year by using cloth. With two kids in diapers, Im guessing it is probably going to be more. And with one size diapers more popular than ever, you dont have to buy a bunch of different sizes! Now its really easy to go crazy and spend tons of money on fluff (there is soooo much cute stuff out there) but I set a budget to stick to.

My fluff wish list :)
Blueberry Coveralls :) They come in super cute prints!
Swaddlebees Organic Fitteds :)
Kissaluvs Wool Cover
Thirsties Duo Covers, SUPER fun prints and really excellent diaper cover.

I have some Haute Pockets which I am really loving right now. So I want some more of those :)

If any of my other momma friends are interested in making the switch, let me know! There is a wonderful lady in town who conducts a free class to get you the 411 on cloth. Its a little extra work but its not bad work (considering the washer does all the work) but it is so worth it for no more 10pm trips to the store for diapers, less trash :), and they are just CUTE!

Lenny rockin a Nubunz!
Bela in a Haute Pocket (ignore the graham cracker crumbs, haha!)


Joanne said...

congrats on making the switch! The kids look adorable!

Eva Scott said...

Very cute! I love the print ones!!