Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Labor of Love

Me and J just purchased our first home and its been such a fun experience as we tackle the minor renovations that have to be done. Right now we are painting and my project has been Leonard's room which is below.
When we started out this room was FIRE ENGINE RED! I primed it and painted it this great yellow. I have to scrape all the windows inside and out b/c whoever lived here before thought it would be fun to blue tissue paper to the windows. Also, they didnt tape off the panes when they painted the outside so the windows are a mess. GOTTA LOVE RENOVATING! This is my little labor of love for Lennie before the BIG one and im really enjoying preparing his room. This is SOOOO helping with my need to nest.
Me with my cool mask for painting (so I dont breathe in the fumes).
Super fab and PREGGO! Thats me! (Check out my kickin' front porch!)

While challenging, this whole process has been alot of fun. We have been really blessed this year. Cant wait to see what is to come!

Thursday, March 13, 2008


I went to the Dr. for my monthly checkup and everything is looking good. I saw the MD in the practice for the first time and he is really great. Super nice, easy going and very knowledgeable.

My last visit was a little traumatic for me (the finding out the sex part was great though!). My OB made a comment about my weight (basically I gained too much in one month). She said it in a way that sort of upset me so I was really upset and concerned after the appointment.

So for the past month ive been watching what I eat as best I can and keeping up my walking regimine. Today, the Dr. informed me that she had a brain tumor and that was probably to blame for her out of character comment. I was shocked! Apparently, she had been forgetful, was stumbling around and having dizzy spells. The tumor is out and she is ok, but still in an ICU.

So the Dr. reassured me that I am normal. My size is totally average and im healthy and not fat! Yay! For a Dr. to say that is huge! Im still gonna keep up what im doing, cuz its working and helping with the energy thing.

Prayers for my OB, she needs them right now!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Right to Pee

So as I am sitting here waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for my office manager to get out of a meeting so I can pee...I am reminded of a conversation with a friend who is also a receptionist at a law firm. The basic jist...dream job would be anything where you can pee whenever you wish. Like being able to control when you can pee (and do so without permission) is some sort of incentive for a job...it sounds lame, but anyone chained to a desk and a phone with no hope of anyone caring that their bladder is about to explode...would understand.

Being preggo makes this situation even more unbearable. The constant need to go (and ask) has reached the peak of annoying-ness. PLUS, Leonard thinks its very funny apparently to punch and kick my bladder. That is the STRANGEST feeling ever and if you dont know what im talking about then lucky you. Its like of course when my bladder is full, it must be in his way, so therefore he must kick and punch at it to make it go away! It really feels weird and I am quite certain its my bladder...

Leonard is already quite the character isnt he?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Has been a while

Its hard to believe its already March. In two weeks we are closing on our new house and in a few months we are having our first baby boy. Its ALOT, but everything is going really smoothly and we are looking forward to getting in our new place and fixing it up.

I think I finally started a new workout routine I can stick with. After school started I quit walking as much and its just too crazy to try to do it after work sometimes. Today i woke up at 6 (which isnt insanely early) and got a good 45 minute workout in with some cardio and light strength training. I am pretty confident i can keep this up and its helping my energy levels throughout the day.

So just wondering if the pains in the legs and lower back GET WORSE than they are right now. My right leg seems to be totally afflicted and my back is not being my friend. I just hope that it doesnt get worse than this...

My newest hobby has completely taken hold and my dining room is taken over just about nitely with all my scrapbooking stuff. I dont have alot of stuff compared to some people but ive been doing this for a month and its amazing the amount of tools, paper, scissors, pens, embellishments and random things you can accumulate in a short time. Ive already made a brag book for J's Bopchi and look forward to being able to give other creative gifts to family and friends. It is COMPLETELY ADDICTIVE. That is no lie. My most recent purchase was a Making Memories circle cutter so i spent most of last nite cutting circles and finding any excuse to put one on a LO. This weekend was a quest for brads for the awesome Prima flowers I just got. I found some great ones with rhinestones and i love the way they look on my pages. This new hobby has been a lifesaver in a way. I really needed something to do to relax (other than chill in front of the TV). PLUS, ive managed to get a TON of photos in albums that have been trapped on the computer for 2 years. Of course I dont think J anticipated the fury that would ensue...a scrapping nook is in the works for our new place...
Im working on a blog for my scrapping, just to have another place other than scrapjazz.com to post my work.

So thats about it for now. Leonard is moving and growing more everyday and the anticipation grows daily to meet the little person inside.