Thursday, March 13, 2008


I went to the Dr. for my monthly checkup and everything is looking good. I saw the MD in the practice for the first time and he is really great. Super nice, easy going and very knowledgeable.

My last visit was a little traumatic for me (the finding out the sex part was great though!). My OB made a comment about my weight (basically I gained too much in one month). She said it in a way that sort of upset me so I was really upset and concerned after the appointment.

So for the past month ive been watching what I eat as best I can and keeping up my walking regimine. Today, the Dr. informed me that she had a brain tumor and that was probably to blame for her out of character comment. I was shocked! Apparently, she had been forgetful, was stumbling around and having dizzy spells. The tumor is out and she is ok, but still in an ICU.

So the Dr. reassured me that I am normal. My size is totally average and im healthy and not fat! Yay! For a Dr. to say that is huge! Im still gonna keep up what im doing, cuz its working and helping with the energy thing.

Prayers for my OB, she needs them right now!

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