Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Labor of Love

Me and J just purchased our first home and its been such a fun experience as we tackle the minor renovations that have to be done. Right now we are painting and my project has been Leonard's room which is below.
When we started out this room was FIRE ENGINE RED! I primed it and painted it this great yellow. I have to scrape all the windows inside and out b/c whoever lived here before thought it would be fun to blue tissue paper to the windows. Also, they didnt tape off the panes when they painted the outside so the windows are a mess. GOTTA LOVE RENOVATING! This is my little labor of love for Lennie before the BIG one and im really enjoying preparing his room. This is SOOOO helping with my need to nest.
Me with my cool mask for painting (so I dont breathe in the fumes).
Super fab and PREGGO! Thats me! (Check out my kickin' front porch!)

While challenging, this whole process has been alot of fun. We have been really blessed this year. Cant wait to see what is to come!

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Joanne said...

LOVE the pictures!! It is SO fun to renovate.. but lots of work, but when you are done, it is fabulous, and YOU did it! LOL about the painting mask! Hilarious! Can't wait to come over and see!!