Thursday, January 31, 2008

Feeling the Strain

I have to say I thank Jesus for hardcore music and the sweet sound system in my minivan because I have had many days where its just what I need to feel ok (that and Misty Edwards). I am probably one of the few minivan moms who rocks it out to hardcore music, but so what. It rox my socks.

Life seems to converge all at once and with the hormonal ups and downs of pregnancy it can seem like a huge mac truck coming right at you to run you over and your soles have just melted to the pavement because a volcano just erupted to your right. AHHH! Thats when im also so thankful for my wonderful hubby and my super family and Jesus because he keeps me sane.

After coming to the realization that I wont be able to work as part time as I had originally hoped, I think im finally at peace because I know that God will make some sort of way, he always does. I may have to return to this job that I seem to be forever doomed to, but it pays well and I wont lose my benefits.

Then comes the realization that this baby is halfway through its incubation period and I have purchased NOTHING useful. The list is long and scary since this is our first one. So we have parred it down to essentials and know that everything will be covered. There is alot going on right now and I guess it would be expected that I would freak, but surprisingly im holding up well.

So my life will continue for now. Work, school, working out, being a wife, being a friend, being a stepmom, attempting to have a life...


Joanne said...

aaaahhhh yes, it is all overwhleming at times, isn't it??? Yikes! Don't stress about having "everything you need" right away... we had only 4 weeks to prepare for Rachel, and did fine. A bassinet, some diapers, a few changes of clothes.. that is all you need for a long while.

So.. Feb. 15th you find out too? COOL! I will have to get your phone # at church. My appt. is in the afternoon.. I will call you later that day and let you know.. Blue OR Pink! :)

Glad you can rock out in your mini-van.. I love to crank the tunes in mine!

See you soon mommy-to-be!

Jeremiah Russell said...

All of that you list at the end...For me, that is my life. And the greatest joy that God has given me is I get to share all of those things with you and with our family. I love you, babie. I hope life never changes from what it is right now.

Joanne said...

Hey Erin

check out this website for scrapbook stuff: They have great monthly sketches that you can copy.. it is how I learned with scrapping.. COPYING!! LOL!!!

Can't wait for Friday!