Thursday, April 2, 2009

9 1/2 Months and 15 weeks

Pregnancy is going well. Im finally looking preggo instead of just fat! Haha! I have my next appointment on Monday and then we will schedule the big ultrasound where we find out the sex of the baby. Im really excited and we already have names. We were going to name our first Isabela Dona if it was a girl last time so are going to keep that name and then Gavin Thomas if its a boy. I got to pick the boy name this time and the middle name is after Jeremiah's dad. I think we pick out some really good names!

Last weekend we rearranged all the rooms in the house. Leonard was in the smallest, we were in the room connected to his and Alexa had the big room up front. Now, Alexa is in the small room (which we are building a hallway soon so it isnt connected to the other room. Leonard (and future baby) are in the room we were in and we have the big room now. I have to say, this works so much better! I thought Alexa wouldnt have enough room for her toys but that room has a big walk in closet so now she has more toy storage than ever and its so cute in there. The baby's room is awesome. We have a crib on each wall and it just so cute. And me and Jeremiah are enjoying having more space. I dont know why we didnt do this to begin with but oh well. It looks awesome now.

I do have updated pics of Leonard. He is pulling himself up on everything and into everything! I will post them when I get home tonite :)

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Joanne said...

What a great idea to rearrange the rooms like that! I bet it loks fabulous!!!