Thursday, June 5, 2008

36 weeks...4 weeks and 2 days to go...

So coming down to the wire here and life seems to collide all at once. It feels like there is so much left to do. We wrap up our birthing class next week and then we are pretty much in countdown mode.

My swelling in my feet had gone down for a week or so, but now its back in force as Leonard is getting bigger and circulation isnt as good. My feet look TERRIBLE. I went shopping in an effort to find some comfy but stylish flats. My feet are just so puffy I can hardly cram them in anything. Im wearing a size 8.5 which doesnt exactly fit lengthwise but widthwise, and even then my pudgy feet poke out everywhere, its just depressing. So I cant wear all the cute strappy sandals that are so in right now. Everything just kinda hurts and im sore and exhausted, not getting much sleep and peeing ALL THE TIME. It gets worse before it gets better....right? HAHA!

My biggest pet peeve is people asking me if im having TWINS! Like complete strangers! What nerve! #1 I know for a fact IM NOT THAT BIG! My doctor says my measurements are totally normal and average, not too big, not too small, just right. #2 Its TOTALLY RUDE to make preggo people (or anyone for that matter) feel any bigger than they already feel, ESPECIALLY is you dont know them! #3 BACK OFF OR YOU WILL END UP WITH A SWOLLEN PREGGO FOOT UP YOUR....

Vent over.

So yea, thats about it for now. Im super excited for Leonard to finally be here!


Meaghan said...

Unfortunately, people will only get ruder as you get closer. I thought that by day 9 of being overdue, if one more person asked when I was due I would seriously attack.

Have you tried crocs? Not stylish, but maybe they might fit. Good luck! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Joanne said...

People are rude... sorry you are getting snotty comments.. hit someone you will feel better! LOL. I think you look fabulous!

Can't wait to see Leonard.. not much longer now!!!