Friday, June 13, 2008

Well yesterday at my doctor's appointment he said I have about 1-2 weeks left! I kind of expected that as ive been feeling like things are moving along. So im very thankful that this weekend we pretty much finished all our work on Leonard's room. Just a light sand and a couple coats of polyurethane and its done. But since the floors were pretty much completely done, I went ahead and set up his room because it was a disaster from all the awesome baby shower stuff I got. Thanks to everyone who came to my shower and blessed us so much!

As you can see, we are pretty much ready to go. I picked up some last minute things at Babies R Us yesterday which arent included in the photos. Boring stuff (but essential stuff) like a changing pad, bathtub, changing pad, looks really great in there, all I need to do is make up some curtains. I am leaving work a week earlier than anticipated so I plan to get that done during that week. So everything is really cute and fun, the floors look 100 times better thanks to my dad and Jeremiah's hard work.

In other good news, yesterday I met with a pediatrician and I really liked him so Leonard has a pediatrician! Our Dr. is affiliated with our hospital so he will see him from day 1 and I really like that.

Oh, the pack and play isnt staying in there, its going in our room and has nothing to do with going with the decor. I just thought it was really groovy (thanks to my mommy and daddy for the pack n play, it rocks!)

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Joanne said...

Awesome job on Leonards room!!! Love the yellow and the bedding you picked out.. everything looks great. All you need now, is the baby!!!