Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Last Day of Lamaze

Yesterday was our last childbirthing/lamaze class. It covered everything that happens AFTER the baby comes out. It was really informative and we even got to play with baby dolls! HAHA! We changed a diaper, discussed cleaning circumcisions and the cord stub and learned how to wrap the baby like a burrito :) Afterwards, we had a great Q & A session with our instructor (who was awesome by the way). I feel like I learned SO MUCH. While childbirthing is still scary, I feel definitely more prepared.

Leonard's room is just about ready. I just have to get some baskets for his clothes to go on his groovy shelf and some last minute things. His totally awesome new stroller is coming tomorrow (that I got a wicked good deal on!). I have another really nice travel system stroller that was given to me by a friend, so I can pass that one on to my mom so she will have her own set when she has Leonard :)

So in spite of everything, things are coming together and we are about as prepared as we can be, although I do forsee alot of frantic trips to the baby store to get more things. We will learn as we go what we REALLY need.

So three weeks and counting...

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Joanne said...

diapers, a bed, car seat, a few clothes.. that is all you REALLY need!!!! LOL!!! But, I am having those same thoughts.. do I have everything? what if I forgot something important? I think we will just send Carmen or Heather to the store for us! LOL.

Glad you enjoyed Lamaze. I liked ours, but being crammed in one day made it hard.. not a lot of time for questions and chit chat... still informative tho!!!

3 more weeks.. 3 more weeks!!! YEAH!!!