Monday, June 9, 2008

Baby Showers, Nurseries and More!

So this weekend was my baby shower and it was so much fun! I haven't even had a birthday party in who knows how long so it was overwhelming to be showered with so many wonderful gifts. I got alot of practical and fun things so my list of what I need before he gets here is getting smaller and smaller. I even got almost EVERYTHING that matches his bedding collection so his room is just looking amazing.

Speaking of his room. Jeremiah and my dad worked so hard this weekend to finish the floors in Leonard's room. I think they said just one more sand and a coat of something and it will be done completely. For now his room looks like an explosion. Clothes, baby items and stuff just everywhere. Ive been washing all his new clothes in Dreft so they smell like baby! Its been fun just folding his tiny little outfits and all those socks! He has gotten alot of wonderful blankets, including one from Grandma Cindy that has an embroidered message on it, its beautiful. He of course has an amazing crocheted blanket from Bopchi as well.

I found a stroller I actually like and its on its way in the mail (yay! free shipping!). I just need some last minute necessities, but we are pretty much ready to go! Dr. says that Leonard is head down and in position which is a good thing. The longer he is head down and gravity is doing its thing, the easier things will be.

So Leonard could decide to come any time now and we are just so excited for him to finally be here!

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Joanne said...

I am SO glad you were so blessed at your shower! It is so fun to look at all the stuff, and figure out where to put it. I LOVED washing all Calebs little outfits, and folding and putting them away!!! Can't wait to see Leonards room with all the decorations up!