Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Check out all those preggos!

Since our camera is AWOL I havent been able to post alot of preggo photos. Here is one taken at Joanne's shower and it really is NOT the best pic of me but oh well. I've been a bit swollen lately so the puffiness is not just me being a fatso...its just me retaining ALOT of water. Dr. says I have a mild case of gestational edema. But im ok and baby is im just puffy.

ANYWAYS, this is all of the preggos that were at Joanne's shower. A couple are just in their first trimester so they arent showing much. Kim (blonde in the yellow) is going to have TWINS! Yay! Babies are so much fun!

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Joanne said...

YEAH! great photo!!! I think everyone looks fabulous! I loved having that many pregnant ladies at my shower.