Monday, November 26, 2007

Turkey Day!

Still feeling the nauseua pretty bad, but was determined to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. I am not the type to let a perfectly good meal of carbohydrates go to waste so I chugged ginger ale for most of the day in order to settle my stomach for thanksgiving yumminess...everything was great. It was a small thanksgiving dinner, Grandma is no longer with us and Carmen and Josh are in KC so it was a little strange this year but definitely good.

The nausea is getting better but im still tired. I have quite a few food aversions and nothing looks appetizing. I had some BBQ on Friday and that was great (but they were out of baked beans so i was sad).

Me and Jeremiah have been taking walks when we can so i can get some exercise. We went to the gym Sunday morning and I attempted to do some Pilates ab work. Not such a good idea. I had some stomach pains later...I hear about people who continue their workout regimine when they are pregnant and am wondering what kind of mutants those women are! Im struggling with the lack of energy and nausea and can hardly make the effort to take a 20 minute walk! Im very frustrated right now and am looking forward to when I finally am over the tiredness and nausea.

School seems to be getting crazier as the year winds down. I have a math test on Wednesday over tons of material and a research paper due on Saturday (which i havent even started writing). So this week is study, study, write, write. Im doing my best to stay focused but that is so hard right now.

Wednesday is my first prenatal appointment so lets hope it goes great!

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