Thursday, January 14, 2010

Silly babies and keeping those resolutions

Lenny definitely has a talent for getting himself in sticky situations. This weekend he managed to get his foot stuck inside one of his play trucks...he was very distressed but you really cant help but laugh at him trying to walk with a truck attached to his foot...

Just a couple other fun pics of Lenny. Classic Lenny indeed. Face covered in ravioli sauce and rolling around on the floor. He is such a sweet boy!

I am quite determined to lose the Bela baby fat as quickly as possible. Jeremiah signed us up for the YMCA and I havent enjoyed going to the gym this much in a LOOONG time. Ive been going about 5 days a week. They have childcare so it also gives me some "me time" which is really nice and an added bonus. Lenny is also enjoying being around other kids and learning how to play and interact with other children so its good for him too. Im pretty sore right now but im looking forward to being my old self again! This is a resolution I intend to keep!

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Joanne said...

Love the photos
and YEAH on your NYR of getting into shape!