Thursday, August 28, 2008


Time flies when you're having fun. Leonard is now a little over two months old and its amazing how much he has grown! He had his first big round of shots and his well checkup on Wednesday and the Dr. confirmed what we all already know, he is a BIG BOY! Here are the current stats:

25 inches, 14 lbs 10oz
Healthy as can be :)

The Dr. said he is basically the average size of a 4 month old! After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I asked if he was maybe TOO big and the Dr. said not to worry, his weight is perfect for his height, he is just REALLY tall. Its so amazing to watch him grow everyday and learn new things. He is smiling and becoming so aware of everything around him. He especially loves being outside and going for walks through Riverside.

Here are some photos of our growing boy!

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Eva Scott said...

So cute. I didn't get to ya'll yesterday. I love the pic of him where he is looking up. He looks like he's contemplating something. :-)