Thursday, December 11, 2008


Leonard's binky has been quite a necessity lately with him teething. He seems to prefer chewing on a binky rather than a teething ring, which is fine.

So last nite he had another rough nite and as I am packing his stuff to go to my mom's im thinking in my head "grab the binky off the couch". Well of course i forget it and im almost to my moms when I remember so I run in Walgreens to grab some more.

Of COURSE they dont have the Avent ones, which is what he has always used. The Mam ones looked the most like his other ones so I went ahead and got those and upgraded to 6 months and up.

I get to my moms and I pop the binky in his mouth to test it and he sort of chews, sucks, spits it out, holds it, looks at it and i stick it back in. He started sucking happily on it so im like "WHEW!".

My mom calls me a couple hours later at work to report it didnt leave his mouth until she fed him and that he was napping and sucking happily on his binky.

GREAT! So now im probably going to have to replace all my binkys...

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dancing grandpa said...

I'm so glad you update this site with every thing it makes me feel like i'm almost there.Tamara and I finily find a church that we both like, ti feels good to be going again. Love all of you see you soon I hope love Dad