Friday, December 12, 2008

New Toy!

Well, I finished Leonard's Christmas shopping and most everything is under the tree but I COULD NOT resist pulling this thing out and letting him play on it! He really is enjoying playing in it and checking everything out. Basis for picking it out.
#1. I love all things Baby Einstein
#2 Highest weight limit! Haha!
He's been having a blast in it and I hope to get a video of him playing and hollering in it up here tonite or tomorrow (Grandpa Russell loves the videos!).

So here is one of him in the new exersaucer and a cute one. Im having a hard time getting smiles lately b/c whenever he sees that red light on the camera he stops whatever he is doing and stares! Its funny!


Joanne said...

Caleb has the same one and loves it too!!!!!

dancing grandpa said...

Yes I do. He looks like he is having fun.Where thinking after christmas coming down hope it pan out.Tonya is going down with judy the 27 you should give her a call and maybe hook up.Love you all Dad