Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy to be Back Again

I am sooo glad to be back and blogging!  It has been a dreadful couple of weeks without my laptop and even thought it's not my old one and I am not used to the keyboard yet. 

The week of our break-in was a big week for us.  My parents were coming in to help us with our bathroom remodel, and if you have ever done a remodel of any kind, you know what an undertaking that can be.  My parents got in Thursday afternoon and me and my mom headed off to a hotel with the kids.  My dad and hubby had the bathroom demo'd and the new bathtub in and completely tiled and I think the new window in by that night!  We had some major roadblocks the next day but they managed to finish everything by Sunday afternoon.  

Here are some before's and these have to be the worst before photos ever, it reminds me of a bathroom in a prison, AHHH!  These were taken after some of the demo was done.

Because we had to replace our door and we decided to go ahead and replace the window, my new vanity got knixed from the budget, but our current vanity is fine until we get a new one.  We also have a super nice toilet for some reason, we priced it and apparently its the ONLY thing in the house that the previous owners spent money on....weird.  So the only thing we had to replace was the horrid claw foot tub and tile :) That and the walls were a mess so lots of drywall work (thus lots of drywall dust all over my house...)

So after one meltdown and some serious hours put in by my dad and hubby my bathroom looks like this.

 I would call this Phase II as we still have to paint, put up new towel bars, decorate, and put the frosting stuff on the window.  But all in due time...
I grabbed this photo of the inside of the tub real quick this morning.  For some reason this photo makes the tile look yellow-y but it is actually white.  And excuse the ghetto towel over the window...

So we managed to survive the remodel.  My dad and hubby did an INCREDIBLE job.  You really have no idea.  It took a while for the house to completely recover and it has been a LOOONG couple weeks with no computer and having no internet escape. 

So I am back :) resuming my blogging duties and hopefully going to finish some of my projects that have been postponed due to all this chaos!

Have a great Monday everyone!


Joanne said...

I am seen the new bathroom first hand and it is GORGEOUS!!! Good job Jeremy and Duane!!!!

Eva Scott said...

Bathroom looks great!!