Monday, March 28, 2011

Night Time Cloth Diapering and My Go To Diapers

We have been having nighttime diaper issues since about 6 months ago.  We only cloth diaper my daughter, who is 1 1/2 right now and she was ALWAYS leaking.  We ended up putting her back in disposables for night time since we use them for big brother anyways.  Well I thought about it and that was 30 diapers a month which wastes money, which completely defeats the purpose of us doing this.  We could save a whole box of diapers by trying to figure out how to keep her leak free at night in CDs.

Well I happened upon a blog post at Cloth Diaper Addiction about this very topic and it was about using prefolds at night.  I'm like must be kidding.  But prefolds are cheap, I already have them and it really couldn't hurt.  My daughter has even woken up wet in sposies so we needed a new option.

So I did just like she did.

 Here I have an Imagine prefold, a Thirsties hemp doubler and a Bluebery diaper cover.  In the blog she places the prefold sideways, so the center panel is left to right not up and down, this didn't work for us so it really just depends on the prefold you are using and your baby's shape.
Fold up like so and place inside diaper and fasten.  No need to use a snappy, just lay inside like you would a pad and because there is a little extra bulk, it won't move around.

This worked like a CHARM!  She woke up dry even though she woke up in the middle of the night (teething) and had another cup of milk.  She usually never wakes up so this will definitely work on a normal night.  I have no idea why this worked...but who cares!

So this brings me to my favorites.  I haven't used tons of diapers mostly because I don't have the time or money to try a million brands, I just stick with what works.  

My workhorse diaper is the new Bumgenius 4.0 pocket diaper.  It just WORKS.  It can always last for longer than the typical 2 hours, is perfect for going places and using with daycare, nursery workers and other family members.  Super easy to put on (we use the snaps version) and they wash nicely everytime.  Not a SINGLE complaint here.
My second favorite is a surprise and ties in with my nighttime diaper dilemma.  PREFOLDS.  I LOVE PREFOLDS.  They seem really old fashioned and maybe aren't as stylish but I love them.  Here are a couple reasons.  They are CHEAP.  Wash and dry easily.  No stuffing! (My favorite part). Incredibly versatile.  Incredibly absorbent.  Prefolds scared me a bit at the beginning of my cloth diapering journey, but now, I just wish I had more!  Add some fun diaper covers, a few Snappis and some hemp inserts and you are good to go.

And that's it.  I am sure other moms could give you a list three and a half miles long, but this does the trick for us and to me, cloth diapering should be SIMPLE, not more complicated that disposable diapering.

Questions are welcomed :) I love answering them :)


Joanne said...

I applaud you!
Oh, and I had to change Bella diaper on Sunday, and I LOVE all the snaps on the diaper!!!

Erin said...

Thanks and so sorry I forgot our wetbag and you totally didn't have to plop the poo! Thank you!