Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why All-Natural/Organic - Part 2

There is lots of scary research and data about the link between pesticides and chemicals in food and children.

While all of that is really valid and necessary to help educate people, I also trust in God that he has got it under control and will protect me and my family. It's a balance between using wisdom and having faith too.
But we also do the best we can to stay away from foods that are KNOWN to be riddled with bad stuff.

So why are kids more susceptible to these kinds of toxins (pesticides, artificial dyes, sweeteners, preservatives, and genetically modified foods)?
Very simple. Our children are still developing and their systems cannot properly digest and remove many of these things from their systems. Our bodies REALLY don't like this stuff and the more we can eliminate, the better.

I am taking Biology right now and I have to say I have learned SOOO much about why certain foods are bad, and it's just because of little molecules.
All of these tiny little things with their different bonds, make some foods easier to digest than others. It's actually quite interesting!

Ok so another question. Why are some children more adversely affected by these toxins and chemicals than others?
We are all made up of genetic material and have genetic markers for all kinds of things and some people might have a genetic predisposition for something that might sit dormant until it is activated by some kind of environmental trigger. Sometimes these things just can't be helped. The things we can help are exposure to things that might trigger these reactions.

Again, I point back to Jesus. I believe he gives us as parents wisdom to know what is right for our children, the instincts to seek out information. I took the information, gave it to the Lord and asked Him what He thought. I really felt like He just wanted us to do the best we could, with the resources we had and to leave the rest up to Him.

Here are some informative articles

Organic Diet and ADD -this article has some good info as well as some information on the Feingold Diet which can help you pinpoint some ingredients to watch out for. I keep the list in my purse because it's got some big words...

Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 

Tomorrow will be my last post on going organic and it will be FUN! Gonna discuss some fun recipes and ways to make organic a bit easier :)

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