Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why All Natural / Organic? Part 1

So before I get started on this, I'd like to preface this by saying that I don't like to push my opinion on these kinds of things on people and I don't think really highly of people that say "oh ___ is the only right way" or "your child will won't be as smart or whatever if you don't do ___"

I do not fit the bill for the typical all natural, crunchy mommy. I had an epidural, I didn't breastfeed, I didn't babywear, I didn't make all of their baby food and I didn't make sure that all of their clothing was made of bamboo.

This is just me simply sharing what's going on in my life right now, it's not a judgment on what others do.

Ok, enough of that. A couple months ago we noticed some overly hyperactive, uncontrollable behavior with my son (3 years). We were having lots of discipline issues and it seemed he was just out of control. Of course I looked to some new parenting methods, but I also felt the Lord pressing on me to look at what we ate.

Now we don't eat tons of junk foods, candy, etc...But I did notice probably a few too many trips to Chik Fil a and after doing a little research on the link between hyperactivity and exposure to pesticides, artificial flavors, dyes, sweeteners, and processed foods, I decided to try my hand at going as natural/organic as we could afford.

It took a couple weeks before we finally realized there was a change, but I noticed that I wasn't as frazzled by the end of the day and we were able to get a handle on some of his behavior issues. Still an energetic 3 year old, but without the craziness (if that makes any sense to anyone).
So a week or so ago on a particularly crazy evening, I told my hubby to just order a pizza. The next day at preschool, my son hit another child. Now I have NO IDEA if there is really a connection between going weeks with no processed foods and then one pizza later, crazy boy returns. But something in me said, "Hey, you are doing the right thing."
We still have a bouncy boy, who has bad days, but I KNOW there is a difference. And to me, that's worth the slight increase in my grocery budget.

So that's OUR reason for choosing all natural/organic. Every family's reason is a little different, maybe a little similar. 

Tomorrow I will be sharing a bit on some of the medical reasons to go organic, it might not interest some of you so feel free to skip it!

I will say if you choose to comment, please keep it positive and not "preachy".


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Joanne said...

AWESOME!!!!!! And I agree.. we do need ot eat better.. we are slowly getting rid of "junk" too and I am looking for more healthy options.. especially since Caleb is a picky eater.. it is not so easy, but I am making an effort.
So glad you are seeing a difference.