Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Keeping up

I have to admit, it's been really hard keeping up with all this. 

I really want to be doing fun posts on holiday crafts and art projects...but seeing as how I'm not actually doing any...

All of my fall decor is still in the attic at the old house, so we are sadly lacking in fall holiday spirit. I have two little pumpkins on my kitchen table...so sad...
This is my life right now.
 Lots of little wallets.  My Very Jane deal was a huge success. Sold out in ONE day. Thanks to any of my friends who posted the link on Facebook.

Because of how busy I am making stuff...I am falling behind on getting the house put together.

The house has a lot of wall space, which we aren't used to.  So we actually have somewhere to hang all of our artwork. And we actually have quite a bit.

I have to embarrass my sister and share this piece that she did in high school. It's a technique where you take a picture and put it on a graph and then graph the canvas and you paint each square one by one. This is pretty amazing because it looks exactly like the photo.  I am happy to have it up, but it is very lonely and need some more friends on the wall with it...

 So here is a book that might interest my bloggy friends. I am reading this for my English class and it's all about how blogging began, the importance of blogging and how it's change the media world, etc. SUPER interesting!

So I am off to do some normal mommy things, like take my kids to the library :) Everyone enjoy your day!


Dana from Our Life's Legacy said...

I would say two pumpkins on the table are decoration enough when life gets busy :)

jaime said...

the pic of carmen is so gorgeous! relax everyone knows moving is crazy. ur a supermom :). <3 u!