Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We're in Here...

Ok the move is over and we are in our new place. I could not have fathomed how hard it would be moving with two toddlers...but they really did a good job considering. It was still really hard!

If you are gearing up for a move, I recommend heading over to Flylady.net  and checking out her moving tips There are lots of awesome tips on making your move smoother. I know they helped me quite a bit.

Things are still a bit everywhere though.
 This is my craft area...need I say more...This will hopefully be remedied by end of day...maybe. That terrible plaid curtain HAS TO GO!
 Furniture is sort of in place, but we are getting some new pieces so I'm not committing to placement yet. And we have TONS of BARE walls!
 The kitchen is the only room that is pretty much in order. Happy to still have lots of cabinets! I am liking the layout of this kitchen.
The view from where I'm sitting...I can still see my little ones watching Thomas so all is well :)

I will make one note. MAKE SURE TO BRING THE COFFEE POT!!! 
Day 1 - Forgot the coffee pot at old house

Day 2 - Hubby forgot it again
Day 3 - Got the pot...no coffee filters (I don't use paper products so not even a paper towel!)

Day 4 - FINALLY having a cup of coffee in my new house. Now if only it would quite raining so I can enjoy my coffee on my little deck out back!

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Happy Tuesday!


Joanne said...

YEAH!! Can't wait to come over and see the new place!!!

Eva Scott said...

Looks really cute!

Jeremiah Russell said...

fan-TASTIC post! :)