Monday, October 13, 2008

Look who's talking now.

Leonard has discovered that he has a voice, and boy is it LOUD! Lately he has started making intentional noises. Mostly "oh's", and it is so cute! I just didn't anticipate how loud he would be. Saturday morning he woke us up around 6am, not crying but talking and giggling and having a good time. It was cute but since daddy didnt get much sleep, I had to take him in the living room so he wouldn't disturb him.

He is becoming his own little person with his own personality and its so cool to watch!

PJ's are one of my favorite things to buy for Leonard and I got these totally cute Gap pjs on Ebay and LOVE them! It says "Rockin Baby" on the front :) I have 3 more sets on the way! I think he is starting to look like such a little man, he isnt a new born anymore :(

Since Leonard is able to keep himself sort of occupied with a toy or something, we have been able to start renovations again on the house. Its been very trying living in an old house that needs work, but this house has so much potential and charm. Jeremiah and my dad built some shelves for the kitchen and Jeremiah finished the final design for our kitchen. So hopefully we can get the $$$ to get everything. Its slow coming but its been neat to see the house transform, even in small ways.


Joanne said...

SO cute on the talking! Caleb started some quiet coo-ing.. not loud yet, but I bet that is coming next! It is fun that they are getting bigger, and more interactive. LOVE the picture of Leonard in his jammies!

Derrick, Kimberly and Aiden Morris said...

Those PJ's are awesome!!! Leonard is cute as always!