Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So on with the blogging blitz...
This year me and my friend Jenna thought it would be fun to take all the kids to Spooktacular at the Zoo. We took Alexa 2 years ago and it was really fun. We did it the weekend before Halloween so they could still go trick or treating in Riverside.

Well it probably was NOT the greatest idea...apparently every other parent in Jacksonville and every surrounding town thought it would be a great idea. It was horribly overcrowded and I have to say that I DID NOT enjoy the experience. The kids were such good sports though and even Leonard was on his best behavior in the midst of the craziness.

We had a little party at the house beforehand while the girls got dressed, which was probably alot more fun than going to the Zoo. We still ended up with some great pics because we all have some great looking kids :)
Alexa was a Gypsy this year, she looked FANTASTIC! She is just so pretty.

The girls enjoying their Halloween munchies...

Goblin Goo...

Coffin Sandwiches

Eyeball Cupcakes

Hanging with the Pirates at Spooktacular

Leonard was such a trooper, but boy was he TIRED!

The girls posing in the pumpkin patch...

Next year, we will be wiser and just have the little halloween party...haha!

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