Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grateful to do Laundry?

I have to say that I overwhelmingly happy that all of my orders are out from my various Very Jane sales.

I am so grateful for the opportunity...but wow...the most stressful couple months EVER. I have learned a lot though and I have learned what I can and cannot do.

It's been so crazy that so many things have fallen in the cracks, like laundry...which is really easy to wash...but harder to fold and put away apparently.
I am a stay at home mom but miss my kids...seriously. I've had my sewing machine set up in our living/dining area so I can feel like we are hanging out...

I got a kindle for an early Christmas present from my hubby but haven't had time to curl up with it much.

I haven't had time for my own projects for my family.

So yes. I am grateful for being able to wash, fold and put away laundry. Sit and watch a show with my kids and the time to BLOG (oh yeah...I have one of those).

The whole work at home thing is really appealing, but I definitely know the level at which I CANNOT do it. 

I know I sound a little whiny, but isn't the reality so much more daunting than the fantasy. A super successful Etsy store sounds awesome in theory, but the reality is that yeah...you have to actually make all that stuff...

So I think I am going to be happy with a moderately successful store.

I don't have to be on all the cool blogs or even be a cool blog.

I am totally happy being able to clean my kitchen, make some pretty things for others and myself, and be a super great mom and wife.

And bless your little heart if you made it to the end of my whine fest!


Jennifer said...

I totally understand this! :) It's all about the balance, and I definitely have times of getting WAAAYYY out of whack. Thankful you get to do your laundry today: )

Anonymous said...

You are super mom!! Good to find the balance. Glad you had the opportunity to figure it out. Love everything you have in your etsy shop. It will be totally successful because it will be the store you have created!!!
(Commenting from my phone for the first time! )