Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NEW in the Shop!

I am really excited to be finished with my Very Jane orders and moving on (a bit late I might add) to adding new things to Isaboo Designs :)

These are sneak peaks so pardon my pics, I am just stoked to have done something other than a mini wallet or Burlap Banner ;)
Okay, I am really excited about my first piece of clothing for Isaboo Designs!!!!

This is the Little Miss Sassafrass Skirt. Aptly named after my own sassy lady, Bela. 

You can find it on Etsy HERE.

There will also be a coordinating bow-tie for the little man in your life available this week. It will be done in the houndstooth fabric and it is ADORBS!

I have also added a more simple version of my mini wallet. It is a basic change purse with a fun ruffle.
These are $5 and are a great price for Christmas gifts.

Find the change purse HERE.

There will be some more items added throughout the week so make sure that you favorite my shop to see what's new :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving week!


Joanne said...

Awesome new items!! LOVE the skirt!

Eva Scott said...

Love love love the skirt!!