Friday, November 4, 2011

Yay for Fall!

Ok, so I live in Florida so we don't really have fall. We have two plant colors here. Really green and really brown.

Anyways, we just have to settle for pumpkin spice candles and lots or orange and green inside. 

Despite being insanely busy with orders, I have actually gotten a bit of decorating done.

 I was really stoked to get my photo wall done. You can find the "blessed" banner in my shop. If you have no idea how to use my banners as decor, this is a great idea. I was hoping my wall would seem more random, but in perfect Erin OCD followed a pattern...haha!
This is in my dining room and I actually picked this up for $12 at Walmart. I really wanted a subway art "thingy", but I have a hard time coughing up $75 for that kinda stuff...

Now for some Instagram fun since I can't find my camera charger ;)
 Do you Scentsy? OMG if you don't you must cause I'm in love with mine! I won't burn down my house, the wax won't burn the kids and the smells are amazing! Pumpkin Roll makes me wants loads of pumpkin bread ;) Buy stuff HERE.
 I not only sell quite a bit on Very Jane, but I am a great customer and at $4 for a large vinyl wall decal this was a great deal. It is in my workroom/office and reminds me to not freak out at the nearly 300 items I have to make over the next 3 weeks :)
 Me and the kids made this little arrangement. They picked out the picks (ceramic flowers and scarecrow from Hobby Lobby 75% off fall clearance, yeah!). It's our new table arrangement.
 Yep, that's a stuffed turkey on my entry table. My son just had to have him and he is pretty darn cute. There were glasses on the little pumpkin...where did they go?
This is over the entry table and I normally don't buy tons of premade decor, but I don't have tons of time this year and this was really adorable and on 75% off clearance at Joann. 

So it's finally starting to look like the holidays a bit around here :)
I made a decision to choose 3 fall projects. One to do with the kids and 2 for me. Yes, I have to have limits. So off to Pinterest to finds some ideas :) Maybe will have some tomorrow!

Hope everyone is having a great time getting in the thankful spirit!


Joanne said...

so glad you are having fun decorating! can't wait to come see the new place!

Eva Scott said...

Love the subway art!! I've been wanting a piece too but not for $75!! I keep entering giveaways trying to win! Ha!