Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Don't Give Up

I apologize for the lack of blog posts on here. I admit it's been a bit chaotic and maybe I have a bit too much on my plate, but I LOVE blogging, so bear with me while I work out the kinks in my schedule.

I've been spending a lot of time working on my Etsy store and getting things up and running and I admit, it can be frustrating. You put a lot of work into something and it doesn't feel like it's taking off and you don't want to give up because then you're stuck with loads of bunting and other various items that you will apparently have to start giving away.

There have been several times when I have wanted to quit, including last week, because who am I kidding? I am a full time mom, full time student, kid's soccer, ballet classes, oh and go to the gym too...

My hubby is always encouraging when no one else around me is and I think that the reason I haven't pulled the plug is because of him. 

BUT, of course this week I get a couple orders (including a fun custom one) and there is a cool opportunity coming up (you will have to stay posted on that one) to get my store some exposure.

So it should be said that I am not in this to make loads of money. I just love creating things and I really love running my store. It is nice to have this to fund my crafting and designer fabric habit :)

There is a Misty Edwards song (it's actually more of a spontaneous/prophetic song) and the chorus says:
Don't give up, don't give in, if you don't quit, you win, you win.
I don't think this is about being the most successful, but it's about just not giving up, not quitting and even if it's not perfect, you still win, because you didn't give up.

The song goes on to say:
He's gonna turn it all around, just wait and see. He's gonna make everything beautiful, just in time.
Isn't that the truth!
Source: via Annora on Pinterest


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