Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Mini Wallet and Something for Boys

I posted these lovelies on my Etsy the other day so of course I have to be redundant and share on here too!

 These adorable wallets are in my Etsy store for $10 and would make an awesome gift (I didn't say it had to be for someone else...).

I test everything I make before I list it to ensure it functions well and I am in love with mine. I use a couple different bags throughout the week (diaper bag, purse, school bag) and I like how it fits in everything.

This pretty green one is in the shop too!

I hope you all love these as much as I do...

There are also these adorable bow-ties for little boys up in the shop. It's hard to find cute accessories for little boys, so here you go! I'm calling my first collection "Spots and Stripes" (big duh, I know...)

 Hope everyone is enjoying their week so far, make it lovelier with something cute from my shop :)

Thank you!


Eva Scott said...

Everything is adorable!!! Hope your Etsy shop takes off!

Erin said...

Thanks Eva! I hope it takes off too otherwise everyone is getting wallets and bow ties for Christmas...