Monday, September 12, 2011

Preschool Fun - The Letter A

I love going to the Dollar Tree for craft supplies. The one near me is a little ghetto, but that's ok :)

We got some great stuff for crafts this past week
 This paper is way thicker than the Crayola pads I've been buying and done great with paints
 Adorable stickers!
 Totally cheesy paints
 There were more fruit shapes in the package, Lenny loves these.
These huge stamps with a handle are perfect for toddlers...I think they are intended for teachers...but whatever.

We did some work on the letter A this week and covered our letter A's with apples

I try to incorporate their snack or lunch into our little "lesson". The obvious choice for snack was apple slices and "A"nts on a log.
 We had such lovely weather here in Florida last week. We couldn't resist being outside, so we brought our lunch outside :)

Hope your week is off to a good start! 

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