Thursday, September 8, 2011

Inspiration Workshop - Week 14 - Inspiring Books

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of inspiring books is Jane. Just Jane.

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JANE AUSTEN! (Come on, get with it peeps)
I fell in love with Jane Austen when a dear old British family friend gave me a copy of the movie Sense and Sensibility at age 13. I decided to read the book and I was HOOKED.

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I love time period, the clothing, the language, the houses, the MANNERS, the courtship...all so completely opposite to...everything! I spent the next few years reading all the usual Austen offerings as well as digging for more obscure works.

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I don't have a favorite...maybe the typical P&P...seriously, don't you want to frame this?
I then joined the Jane Austen Society in my early 20's. Yep, I was the youngest one, but I really enjoyed digging into the books, hearing different perspectives and being introduced to the world of Jane Austen spinoff novels...seriously some amazing, some horrid, but all a testament to the fact the JANE LIVES...through completely obsessed, young, middle-aged and "slightly older" women.

So let's pretend I'm not a total dork.

Opps...time's up for that one with my next inspiring book(s)

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Yes. If it begins with "Little House" I read it. Cover to cover. Till the cover came off. My Mom even did a whole homeschool series with us where we made butter like they did back then and stuff.

I enjoyed reading how they built their homes, made their own toys and clothing, how much more simple life was...Wonderful stories of a time that actually wasn't too long ago. I found the stories so inspiring and hope that my children will learn that life can be good and be SIMPLE.

Ok, let me slightly redeem myself with a truly amazing MODERN author.

Jodi Picoult.

I randomly found one of her books at the library a few years ago. I quickly plowed through nearly every one of her novels in less than 4 months. I think there are only a few of her novels I have not read.

Her books are absolute page-turners. She is an amazing storyteller and has the ability to confront seriously controversial issues in a way that make you really a good way.

People are probably most familiar with "My Sister's Keeper" which was made into a movie, but seriously. READ THE BOOK. Reading her books makes you feel like you learned something and gained more insight into something you may have known nothing about before.

I don't read as much as I would like anymore (working on that), but I have always been a pretty avid reader and that is something I am proud of. Life can be so different if we take time to look at another perspective, or pursue more knowledge. We can never stop learning and books (I'm still partial to paper ones)make the sometimes difficult pills (cough cough, math and science, cough cough) easier to swallow.
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Anonymous said...

Hello there, I am visiting from Gussy and I too love Jane Austen, of course P & P is my favorite! I like Jodi P too, although I get way way to attached to the characters and become an emotional wreck! Thank You for sharing!

Erin @ {grace-filled} said...

You've surely given me a reading list for sure! :) I'm headed to the library today, so I am going to pick some up. :) Thanks for sharing!! I popped over from Gussy. :)