Friday, September 23, 2011

Kick it in High Gear

Does anyone else have this feeling, like life just put the petal to the metal and forgot to tell you so you forgot to put your seatbelt on but you can't because you're going too fast?

Ok, so maybe not that bad, but WOW. We have a LOT going on. 
I'm in school full-time, staying home with the kids, working to promote my Etsy store, I'm the team mom for my son's soccer team (hubby is coach), and we have some changes coming up that could really shake things up.

I just have to say now. I am SOOOO thankful for the Flylady method, otherwise my house would be CHAOS. It was a particularly crazy day yesterday and me and the hubs were pleasantly amazed to find how quickly the chaos was contained. Right now I only have time for the basics of the Flylady method and its WORKING.

So lately I have been living by my dry erase calendar

Everyday I list what I need to do and sometimes I even put time limits on things. Like 1 hour for working on orders/crafting, 2 hours for homework, etc. It's nice to be able to wipe things off :)

I can be a big procrastinator and this is teaching me to just GET THINGS DONE. My Etsy shop is teaching me that too.

Remember the "thankful" banner I made?

Well, I had so much fun making it, I whipped up this lovely.

You can find this in the Shop for just $10!

I also had fun taking some new photos for my bow-ties. 

And for more shameless showing off of my baby girl started ballet yesterday...

Again...we are really busy and I can't believe I actually got this blog post done! 

Hopefully, I can get my schedule under control and figure out how to do more than 2 posts a week!

Have a great weekend!

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