Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crafting Snaffus and Triumphs

I think that everyone, from the most experienced sewer (sp?) to the beginner, there are bound to be snaffus (this word's for you Vanessa) along the way. I have had many.

Most have involved sewing the wrong sides facing, sewing half of the bottom of a dress into an armhole, cutting a pattern wrong, etc...(and its only been two weeks, haha!)

The other day really took the cake though. I had accomplished a pillowcase dress so I thought I'd move on to the Snappy Toddler Dress on Prudent Baby.

The project was doomed right from the get-go. The pattern is basically the top portion and you just make it as long as you want, well I got cutting and cut cut around the whole thing essentially cutting off the entire bottom of the dress. Determined to use the fabric I turned to my genius (apparently not that genius) and thought, "hey, if I use the contrasting fabric to make a band around the waist, I can use the band to attach the top and bottom together!" I was so stoked that I had made my snaffu a creative opportunity...or so I thought.

My recent obsession with covering buttons with fabric was about to get the best of me. I decided to use the dress material to cover the buttons...I had a small pile of the fabric and what did I grab....the DRESS. I didn't even figure it out until AFTER I had spent 20 minutes making the strap parts...I go to sew up the dress and HORROR!

Yep...I cut it out of the TOP of the dress...oh no, not the bottom which could have easily been remedied by making a micro mini dress for my one yr old...nope...the top.

Defeated I went to Walmart to pick up some double bias tape for another project and while I was there I happened across some not horrid fabric and was like hey, I can make another go at this, it won't be so bad if I ruin $5 worth of fabric. So today I made another one and it turned out quite nicely, even though the front bib is completely pitiful, I can't sew straight to save my life apparent, but the hem came out quite nice!
Look at those teeth!!!
Slightly dazed and confused...but ya gotta get the full effect...kinda long...but she'll grow...right :)
Yep, that's a chocolate handprint on my door...don't judge!


Joanne said...

I needed a chuckle.. thanks! :) You will NEVER make that same mistake again.. that is how you learn.. and WOW you did great on the 2nd go around.. that dress is stinkin cute!!! good job!

Eva Scott said...

Ha ha! I think we ALL can feel your pain on this one! Sometimes I just have to walk away in order to keep my sanity!