Saturday, October 30, 2010

I heart fabric :)

Fabric obsession comes with the territory with sewing and they were having a sale at Paula's Fabrics so I went today. I wanted to get a pattern so I would actually have a purpose behind the fabric and not just go nuts. Hubby still wasnt too happy when I got home, haha! I actually did pretty good!


Rebecca said...

Oh I like them all so much!!!

Eva Scott said...

Girl, I feel like I could go ABSOLUTELY crazy in there! I honestly have to practice major self control. I picked up a fat quarter of that apple fabric. I am loving apples right now. I actually picked up some "boy" prints to do some crayon rolls. Oh man, it's hard. I walked in the door and told J how much self control I showed today! HA! He just gave me the raised eyebrow look! :-)

Erin said...

I think I'm going to do a drawstring backpack with the boy fabric, but I didn't think of doing a crayon roll...I haven't done one of those yet.